July 17, 2018

Like most young people, my long march to the suburbs culminated at age 29. Over the past eight years I have gone from my parents basement, to a rundown townhouse with three roommates from work, to a studio in a transitional neighborhood, to my own slice of Americana wi...

July 8, 2018

We all have moments in our lives when work takes over.  Sometimes; we don't even notice it's happening to us.    

It can be 16 consecutive hours in the office, a seven-day work week or a frantic month that seemingly is taken over by keeping up with set go...

July 1, 2018

I know a man. A Mentor. An Artist.

The Artist taught me a lot. He taught me how to be a man. He taught me how to be a father.

He also taught me what not to be.

The Artist helped me relate to others and showed me how to accept people for who, and what they are. Most import...

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July 1, 2018

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