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Opportunity Awaits

Opportunity. The origins of business. How did Apple come to fruition? How was the McDonald's empire built?


It all started with an idea and an opportunity. Every business begins with an idea and an opportunity.

Our Idea: Here at Local Networks, we started with an idea. 'How can we help small businesses? How can we create a network of resources to aid any aspect of local business operations?'

Our Opportunity: Local Networks Founder and CNO (Chief Networking Officer), Tim Sandwisch, has over 15 years of experience working with small local businesses, established organizations, and startup companies. Coming from a family of small business owners, the opportunity became clear-- 'provide a local network of valuable, cost efficient operational resources to HELP business owners be successful.'

No matter what YOUR idea is. No matter what YOUR opportunity is, it is YOUR choice to pursue it. Tim had the idea to help local business owners, like his father and grandfather, and he's chased after HIS opportunity to put Local Networks on the map for YOU.

Local Networks' top priority is to help you achieve your business goals and help guide you to new levels of success. You started with an idea; you started with something you were passionate about and wanted to share with the world. Local Networks is ready to start eliminating some of the stress in your daily operations.

You are the expert in your craft and we are ready to be your trusted partner to help your business grow. We hold ourselves to the highest standard possible. You will see results. You will see return on investment, you will see our commitment--'Your Business, Our Priority'.

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