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Online Ordering...Why?

You might be wondering, 'Online ordering... is it really important? Do I really need it for my restaurant?' YES. YOU DO. Why does online ordering really matter? Restaurant owners are incredibly apprehensive when it comes to integrating online ordering into their operational workflow and websites. Most restaurant owners have the belief, 'We are doing fine and have plenty of business, why do we need to pay for something else?' ONLINE ORDERING SHOULD BE YOUR PRIORITY. ✓ Your competitors are already accepting online orders, WE ASSURE YOU! In this day and age, everyone has a smartphone and when they are looking for a place to order food, they look online first. If they can easily access a menu and conveniently place their food order directly from their phone, THEY DO. Make the ordering process as simple and convenient as possible for customers or they may place their order with one of your competitors, simply because it's easier. ✓ Already using a third party vendor? YOU ARE PROBABLY SPENDING MORE THAN YOU HAVE TO. There are A LOT of online ordering options out there. Online Ordering should NOT cost you money- IT'S AN INVESTMENT that should pay you back every month! Third party online ordering vendors charge a lot of fees- setup fees, per order fees, and 10%-30% based on overall order volume. Along with losing money, you may not have full access to crucial customer contact information, spending habits, frequency of order, and general customer analytics. Without this information, you truly have no idea how much your third party online ordering system is really costing you? ✓ It will simply make your life easier. YOU ARE THE EXPERT. When it comes down to it, you are the expert at your business. Why not keep everything in house, eliminate unpredictable steep monthly fees, excessive per order commissions, and take full control of your online ordering system. By keeping your online ordering system internal, you will simplify and streamline orders, while capturing and retaining valuable customer data, information, and analytics. Local Networks' goal is to simplifying "the business" side of YOUR BUSINESS. We are able to offer affordable solutions to your already hectic professional life. Our primary mission is to save you money, increase your revenue, and decrease stress, by implementing practical operational solutions. We will make YOUR BUSINESS, OUR PRIORITY. That is our promise.

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