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The Artist

I know a man. A Mentor. An Artist.

The Artist taught me a lot. He taught me how to be a man. He taught me how to be a father.

He also taught me what not to be.

The Artist helped me relate to others and showed me how to accept people for who, and what they are. Most importantly, The Artist taught me how to live everyday and not take life too seriously.

Be silly. Be goofy. Have fun.

As unique individuals we all get to make a choice. We can decide to live by the rules and standards others set for us OR we can decide to play by our own rules and live like an Artist.

We can all be Artists.

The Artist taught me that life is a blank canvas and we can “paint” our life any way we choose, if we implement 3 simple concepts:

1. Pick Up Your Brush

You won’t create or build anything in your life, personally or professionally, until you decide to pick up your brush. Do the work. Once you commit to picking up your brush and start painting, the details will unfold as you execute. Start taking action everyday and you’ll be well on your way to painting your masterpiece.

2. Diversify Your Color Palette

Be creative and develop multiple channels to better identify new opportunities. Build new relationships; commit to self improvement and learning. Never stop adding new colors to your palette. The more colors you have to work with, the more opportunities you will have. Diversify your palette, start mixing colors, and create new opportunities everyday in your life.

3. Build Galleries

Think big, dream bigger, and execute intentionally to build abundance in your life. A painting is nice to look at, but a gallery is a destination! Don’t stop pushing yourself to be better and chase your dreams. Anyone can paint a picture, but true success lies in building galleries.

You have a blank canvas in front of you everyday. The choice is up to you to pick up your brush, diversify your palette, and start building your galleries!

Are you ready to become An Artist?

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